Endodontics is a Specialty Within Dentistry Dealing with Problems inside the Tooth

Endodontics is a Specialty Within Dentistry Dealing with Problems inside the Tooth

Feb 01, 2020

If you have severe tooth pain on a tooth that has received multiple dental procedures you will in all likelihood need root canal treatment that is a specialty of endodontics. Researching for and visiting the dentist near me for a solution will only get you a referral to the endodontists in Baltimore, MD, because he or she would be the specialist that focuses on diagnosing the tooth pain and providing root canal therapy or other procedures related to the inside of the tooth. Endodontics treatment in many cases can save a diseased tooth from extraction. It is for this reason that endodontists are often referred to as specialists in saving teeth.

Who Needs a Root Canal Treatment?

People with a deep cavity, a loose filling or a cracked tooth often face the problem of bacteria entering the pulp of the tooth to infect it. The bacteria destroy the pulp and when it penetrates through the root openings it can also infect the bone. The infection will weaken the bone to break it down causing the ligaments around the tooth to swell and loosen the tooth. Dentists in Baltimore routinely recommend such patients to endodontists for root canal therapy because if left untreated the infection in their tooth will spread and eventually be lost in the by itself or to extraction.

Many patients choose extraction in favor of root canal therapy failing to realize that an extraction will cause the surrounding teeth to become crooked by moving. The movement will make their teeth appear unsightly and make it difficult to have a good bite. Dentists understand that root canal therapy can save the tooth and eliminate the pain the patient is feeling and therefore recommend him or her to an endodontist for the treatment. The dentist in Baltimore MD, is also capable of performing the procedure but refers the patient to a specialist that has received additional education in an advanced specialty program in endodontics after completing dental school. These specialists are focusing on the study of diseases inside the tooth namely to the dental pulp effectively.

How Do Endodontists Deal with Problems inside the Tooth?

Endodontists are limiting their practice to endodontics and focus entirely on treatments of the dental pulp. Even as general dentists perform a couple of procedures every week endodontists are averaging approximately 25 root canal treatments. These are not specialists for cleaning or filling teeth but are professionals that dedicate their time for diagnosing and treating tooth pain. Their specialty is in finding the cause of the oral and facial pain that is difficult to diagnose.

Endodontists manage pain effectively by using specialized techniques to ensure patients referred to them are entirely comfortable during the treatments. They are experts in administering anesthesia especially among patients that traditionally have problems with anesthetic procedures. Besides treating the patient comfortably the also ensure they will be relieved from the tooth pain after the root canal therapy which would have removed the infection in the pulp and healed the inflammation.

Making the treatment comfortable and successful is the aim of endodontist near me that have invested in materials and equipment for the treatment. They use a small plastic sheet known as a rubber dam to isolate the tooth during the treatment while protecting the rest of the mouth. 3D imaging and radiographs allow them to take detailed pictures of the tooth anatomy to view the root canals and any other related infections. They also use dental operating microscopes to get a better view inside the root canals when treating them thoroughly.

How Painful Is Root Canal Therapy?

A perception exists in the minds of people that root canal therapy is extremely painful and should be avoided in favor of tooth extraction Baltimore. However, a treatment procedure conducted by an endodontist will be relatively painless and the pain felt by the patient will be from the infection rather than the treatment. Some tenderness will be felt by the patient after the treatment which is normal and can be alleviated by over-the-counter medications. If needed prescriptions for drugs may also be provided by the dentist or endodontist along with antibiotics to prevent infections.

If general dentists are treating all types of dental conditions endodontists are limiting themselves to only treating the inside of the tooth and not the exterior part. They have received education to qualify as experts in this field and are often sought after by dentists to deal with patients suffering from problems of the root canal.

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