Seek Treatment from Emergency Dentistry Promptly If Affected by a Dental Issue

Seek Treatment from Emergency Dentistry Promptly If Affected by a Dental Issue

Oct 01, 2020

If you are affected by a dental issue, you must seek treatment from your regular dentist immediately. However, dental emergencies never occur during office hours and frequently happen in the evenings or on holidays. What can you do in such situations? Do you ignore the dental issue altogether or look for an emergency dentist near me to treat the condition?

It is pretty standard for people to experience some dental or oral pain occasionally. Some issues can wait until people can visit their regular dentist. Unfortunately, many others demand prompt attention to eliminate or prevent severe infections.

Emergency dental care becomes essential when people need to address trauma to the mouth or broken teeth besides loosened or damaged fillings. However, it is challenging for patients to determine whether the specific condition affecting them requires prompt treatment from emergency dentistry in Baltimore, MD, or can wait until they can schedule an appointment with their regular pediatric dentist Baltimore.

How to Identify Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can quickly be identified by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you experiencing severe pain or bleeding from the mouth?
  • Do you have a knocked-out tooth that can be saved with treatment?
  • Do you have a loose tooth as an adult?
  • Are you displaying signs of any infection, including fever, swelling around your gums or space, or a foul smell?

If you have answered positively to any of the above questions, you must seek prompt attention from the Maryland area’s emergency dentistry service.

What Isn’t a Dental Emergency?

At times you could be affected by a dental issue that can wait for a day or two. The problem may not be as severe as you believe, but it may seem critical to you. For example, if you have a painless cracked or chipped tooth without any sharp fragments, you can wait to see your regular dentist during office hours. The need for emergency treatment from the dentist in Canton may not be required unless the pain is excruciating. However, if you have signs of an abscess like bumps and pimples on your gums and fever, you must seek attention from emergency dentistry in Maryland without delaying the matter.

A dental abscess is life-threatening, and unless treated promptly by the dentist in Baltimore, MD, the bacteria from the infection can enter your bloodstream. You may think it is not a concerning issue. Still, suppose you hear how the bacteria can result in long-term consequences by making you susceptible to strokes, respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer. In that case, you will undoubtedly think differently and rush to the dentist to get the treatment needed.

What Is the Importance of Emergency Dental Care?

Prompt treatment from emergency dentists can help preserve teeth and function and reduce the risks of severe infections that can potentially impact you over the long term. Emergency dental care helps to alleviate pain to ensure you can continue to meet work and family responsibilities. Most importantly, emergency dentistry is an intelligent alternative to traditional emergency rooms, where you only get limited attention and pay exorbitant fees.

How Does Emergency Dentistry in Maryland Handle Emergencies?

The Maryland emergency dental facility offers prompt dental care for issues affecting patients beyond office hours. During regular office hours, the facility’s dental team does their best to accommodate you immediately because they have set time aside for emergencies. The facility also has a separate chair exclusively for dental emergencies.

You can either walk-in for the treatment you need or even call the dental facility to explain your situation. You get an opportunity to speak to a treatment coordinator on the phone, which provides you guidance on how to care for your issue until you reach the dental facility for the treatment required.

If your dental emergency occurs on holiday, you can call this dental facility, which also has an after-hours on-call service. Getting the office number and following the answering machine’s prompts will have one of their knowledgeable on-call dentists return your call. The dentist provides the appropriate guidance needed to manage your issue or even visit the dental facility for treatment if you cannot wait for long.

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