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Children’s Dentistry in Baltimore, MD

Children’s or pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that caters to the younger population. Children who are taught proper dental hygiene habits in their earlier years go on to become adults who take oral health seriously. At Canton Crossing Dental in Baltimore, MD, we encourage parents to bring in their babies as soon as they grow their first teeth, which is usually at around six months. Booking that initial dental appointment for your baby gets them started on the right path as far as dental care is concerned.

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment at Canton Crossing Dental

Babies aren’t necessarily anxious about dental appointments since they haven’t heard the numerous false horror stories about dentists. Older children, however, require adequate preparation before their first dental appointments. If you’re a parent planning to bring in an older child for a dental exam, it’s essential to give them as much information about the appointment as they can handle. Doing this will help your child feel more peaceful and relaxed about their impending interaction with our pediatric dentist in Canton.

During your child’s first dental appointment, our pediatric dentist Baltimore MD will:

  • Interact with your child in a friendly manner to build rapport
  • Check your child’s teeth, gums and jaw to determine whether these are developing normally
  • Conduct a gentle cleaning, if necessary
  • Take x-rays, in the case of decay and impacted baby teeth
  • Demonstrate proper brushing techniques to your child, or you if the child is very young
  • Address any issues that your child may have e.g. thumb-sucking

Why Children’s Dentistry Matters

As a parent, it’s necessary to choose a dental practice that’s well-versed in children’s dentistry. Even though most dentists can diagnose and treat dental conditions in patients regardless of age, a children’s dentist is better suited to relate with very young patients.

At Canton Crossing Dental in Baltimore, MD, we provide dental care that’s mindful of your child’s age and milestones. Whether you’re bringing in a toddler or a teen, the pediatric dentist near me knows how to relate with your child in a manner that’s informative and non-threatening.

We will show you and your child that taking care of teeth can be fun and that teeth can last a lifetime if cared for properly. You can visit us today if you reside in Canton, Patterson Park, Highland Town, Greektown, and Brewers Hill.

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