Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Baltimore, MD

As humans age, their gums and jawbones naturally weaken. This can lead to the loss of multiple teeth, especially if someone has had poor oral hygiene throughout their lifetime. When this occurs, patients are often left with a mix of negative emotions. Studies have indicated that those who are missing multiple teeth have low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and even stop participating in regular behaviors like eating and speaking.

For those with this problem, the solution is seeking an office like ours that creates dental bridges in Baltimore.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges near me are appliances that hold multiple false teeth. The bridge can be held in place in multiple ways, with the implant style being directly embedded through the gums and into the jawbone. More common types use crowns to affix the bridge to nearby teeth, creating a complete smile and helping individuals resume their normal activities.

Who Can Get a Bridge?

Any patient who is missing multiple teeth can request the creation of a bridge. However, a bridge cannot be created and installed unless the individual has good oral health, because the gums, jawbones, and nearby teeth need to be in good condition for the bridge to remain in place.

Patients interested in this procedure residing in Canton, Patterson Park, Greektown, Highland Town, and Brewers Hill are recommended to make an appointment with the dentist near me to see if they are a candidate for a bridge. If work needs to be done by our pediatric dentist Baltimore to create a solider, healthier base – such as a jawbone graft – then this will be done before the bridge.

The Procedure

Creating and installing a bridge takes multiple visits and will vary depending on the type the patient will prefer. In general, the first step is an exam and a cleaning of the site where the teeth are missing. Sometimes the gum will need to be leveled, and the nearby teeth will be shaved to fit crowns. Our dentist in Canton will take a mold of the mouth and use it to create a permanent bridge.

The creation of the bridge can take two weeks, at which point the patient returns. The bridge is affixed to the mouth and functions like normal teeth.

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