Dental Implants in Baltimore and Canton

Dental Implants in Baltimore, MD

There are a variety of procedures intended to protect the teeth, but sometimes they are lost despite someone’s best efforts. When this happens, it often leaves patients with negative feelings about themselves, their smiles, and the future of their oral health. One solution available is the installation of one or more dental implants near me.

What Is an Implant?

Despite advancements in dental care, many individuals still lose natural teeth to decay or gum and jawbone weakness. When this occurs, a synthetic tooth can be installed. This tooth is called an implant and consists of two separate parts. The first is a long titanium root that stretches through the gums and directly into the jawbone. The second is a crown made of a composite resin that screws into the implant to form a full tooth.

The Procedure

Individuals residing in Canton, Patterson Park, Greektown, Highland Town, and Brewers Hill seeking dental implants Baltimore first need to make an appointment with a qualified dentist Baltimore, MD for a visual and tactile exam. This exam will determine overall oral health and whether or not there are enough healthy gum and jawbone to support the dental implants. If a patient has a thin or weak jaw, then a bone graft can be done to restore it.

Once a patient is deemed healthy enough to have an implant, a mold is taken. This mold is used to create the implant and is meant to match the other healthy teeth. The creation can take up to two weeks, so patients will need to return for a second appointment for installation. During this first appointment, the dentist near me might clean the teeth or smooth the gums in preparation for the next visit.

When the implant is ready, the patient returns. Our dentist in Canton will numb your mouth, and the titanium root is drilled through the gums and into the jawbone. The patient should not experience pain but might feel the pressure. The crown is then attached.


Over time, the jawbone and gum will heal around the implant, holding it in place. After insertion, patients might be sore or swollen for several days. They are advised to avoid irritating foods and to take a mild painkiller perhaps. Afterward, the implant can be used as a regular tooth.

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