Preventive Dentistry in Canton

Preventive Dentistry in Baltimore, MD

Preventive dentistry refers to dental practices that protect the good health of your teeth. Preventive dentistry in Baltimore is all-encompassing of any steps taken both at home and at the dental office to ensure that your teeth stay strong, healthy, and clean. These steps include brushing and flossing, fluoride treatment, application of dental sealants, and regular dental cleanings, among others.

At Canton Crossing Dental in Baltimore, MD, we encourage our patients to be proactive when it comes to their dental health. That means that you shouldn’t wait until you develop cavities to visit our dentist near you. Instead, you should take steps to avoid the development of cavities and other issues as this ensures a longer life for your natural teeth.

Types of Preventive Dentistry

There are different aspects of preventive dentistry. The underlying objective, however, is to protect the integrity of your natural teeth. At Canton Crossing Dental, our dentist in Baltimore advises patients to book regular dental exams, during which we check for any abnormalities in your oral cavity.

If you’re a high-risk candidate for oral cancer, you should make a point of booking an oral cancer screening at least once every year. High-risk candidates include heavy smokers and drinkers, patients who’ve had an oral cancer diagnosis before and anyone who has an HPV diagnosis.

Dental cleanings and fluoride treatments also fall under the broad category of Baltimore preventative dentist. During a cleaning, our dentist in Canton or dental hygienist will remove all plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums. Fluoride treatment helps to strengthen tooth enamel, while dental sealants form a protective coating over your tooth enamel.

Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Your teeth are precious as they allow you to eat, talk, and smile. A full mouth of teeth also makes your jaw look better. People who’ve lost their teeth from gum disease suffer from what is known as bite collapse, which is a condition that makes a person look older than they are. Preventive dentistry near me allows you to take care of your natural teeth so that they can serve you for your entire lifetime. It also allows you to avoid costly dental procedures. Good oral health translates into good overall health too.

Whether you’re looking for a dental cleaning or fluoride treatment, or some professional tips on how to better care for your teeth, Canton Crossing Dental in Baltimore, MD has you covered. Visit us today if you reside in Canton, Patterson Park, Greektown, Highland Town, and Brewers Hill.

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