iTero Scanner (Canton Crossing Dental)

Technology is at the forefront of what it means to provide quality dental care. As your local dentist in Baltimore, Canton Crossing Dental is proud to announce that we can now service patients using the iTero Scanner. The iTero dental scanner is a powerful diagnostic tool that improves how well the dentist can treat patients, increases diagnostic speed, and improves the overall patient experience in various ways.

How it Works

As you may know, a big part of what dentists do is look into a patient’s mouth to diagnose any problems they may have. Doing this manually takes time, is quite invasive, and can only sometimes catch everything. After all, not all mouth surfaces are visible to the naked eye, and traditional x-rays only provide a single flat image of the patient’s mouth. This means getting the whole picture; you could spend a long time getting multiple x-rays of the entire mouth.

The iTero scanner is a 3D digital scanner that helps take an image of the mouth much more effectively than a flat x-ray. X-rays are a single flat image, whereas the iTero captures a 3D model of the inside of the patient’s mouth in one go. The scanner is connected to a computer so that the image it takes can be adjusted and modified to look for specific issues with the mouth. This makes the 3D scanner one of the dentist’s most effective diagnostic tools.

Benefits of the iTero Scanner

The benefits of the iTero scanner are numerous compared to other imaging technology.

For starters, the iTero scanner takes one complete image of the mouth instead of several partial images like an x-ray. Second, because the image is three dimensions, it makes it much easier to see things that otherwise would be missed by the naked eye. This makes diagnosing cavities, oral cancer, gum, or bone damage much easier. The image produced can also be digitally enhanced for great detail, making it possible to check for very specific conditions.

Besides being a great diagnostic tool, it also improves the patient experience by making the process of getting images of the mouth much less invasive and many times faster than it was before.

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