Dental Crowns in Canton

Dental Crowns in Baltimore, MD

A crown is a dental appliance that is used by our dentist in Baltimore to cap or cover a tooth that has been damaged by decay or a physical accident. The crown protects the exposed soft pulp and also smooths jagged edges by providing a new biting surface. In some cases, it can even hold a tooth together if the structure has been damaged.

For patients seeking dental crowns in Baltimore, it’s important to understand how beneficial one is and when it is appropriate to have one installed.

What Is a Crown?

A crown can be made from porcelain, gold, or tooth-colored composite resin. Resin, also called plastic, has been the most popular material in recent decades because it is durable, corrosion-resistant, and blends in with the rest of the mouth.

The crown is molded by our dentist in Canton to fit the tooth and takes a couple of weeks to make. It is cemented to a damaged tooth and holds together the structure after the damage has worn away the enamel or attacked the soft pulp inside. Once in place, the crown is meant to be permanent, although many people have theirs replaced because of future injury, accidents, or biting down too hard on materials like ice cubes.

Who Needs One?

Patients can qualify for this form of restorative dentistry in a variety of ways. In general, one can be installed for the following reasons:

  • To cover a cosmetic defect like a small tooth
  • To restore a broken or worn tooth
  • To hold together the remains of a tooth
  • To cover and support a tooth that has a large synthetic filling from decay
  • To support a dental bridge
  • To cover misshapen teeth

Crowns are usually for individuals who have their permanent teeth, and it is not a procedure often given to children.

How to Receive One

If you or someone you know is interested in dental crowns near me, and resides in Canton, Patterson Park, Greektown, Highland Town, and Brewers Hill, it’s important to make an appointment with a dentist near me who understands cosmetic or restorative dentistry. A visual and tactile exam will be performed to see if the tooth extraction Baltimore is healthy and can be saved through this procedure.

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